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Northfork JOURNAL

a history and record of Moss Mountain Inn and the surrounding area

Restoration of the Historic Sperry Chalet


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The Historic Sperry Chalet, the swiss-style chalet complex, was a popular attraction in Glacier National Park. The complex was built by the Great Northern Railroad in the early 1900s. To get to the Sperry Chalet you take a 6-mile hike that starts at the Sperry Trailhead located across from Lake McDonald lodge. Recently, the public eye has been keeping watch on this memorable and historic location, because of its destruction in a wildfire in 2017. The Historic structure, in Glacier National Park, has become a representation of hope to many across the Globe, because a 100-year project begins on its restoration.
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The Sprague Fire

The century-old Sperry Chalet dormitory building was lost last year, during the 2017 Sprague wild fire. The fire was ultimately caused by a lightning strike, on August 10, 2017. Firefighters, helicopters, and other resources were utilized to guard and to protect the complex. Unfortunately, their efforts were unable to save the dormitory building. Once the damage was assessed, restoration seemed possible, and winter stabilization was necessary to make that a possibility.
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Stabilization efforts were put into place, in October 2017, to secure the structure. Emergency funds were provided in order to make this happen. The ability to stabilize the structure proved difficult because of its desolate location, and it was unsure if the fragile structure would withstand the winter. Fortunately, the Sperry Chalet has proven a cause worth fighting for since all four walls and two chimneys withheld the harsh Montana winter. Watch the fly over video that was taken in February:

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Discussions about the future of the Chalet have been forefront on our mind lately, and we believe restoration is possible. The recently developed restoration project is quite extensive and involves professional engineers and architects, and focuses on The Next 100 Years of the Sperry Chalet. The project seems to be full steam ahead, and offers hope to those who support the cause.
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The Glacier National Park Conservancy has developed a fund to assist with the restoration of the building. The support of the community, and many across the globe, have made this dream of restoration a possibility. To Donate or for more information: https://glacier.org/sperry-chalet/action-fund/. 
We hope that Moss Mountain Inn visitors, family, and friends will get to visit the Sperry Chalet in the future. We will continue to explore the restoration process and will continue to update you on any progress. We want to thank all those who have supported this vision of restoration.

Hammock Camping at Moss Mountain Inn


Hammock Camping
Here in the North Fork, we had the pleasure of welcoming guests Jason and Sunny. They traveled here from Paradise, Montana, and brought a spirit of adventure to Moss Mountain Inn.
They presented us with an opportunity to take part in their adventure of "hammock camping". Their desire was to test their hammocks capabilities in cold weather. The brisk, snowy weather conditions here were a great opportunity to test it out.

So, they trekked through the snow, and found a perfect snow-covered spot on our forested property. Jason and Sunny set up their two-person hammock, the Vertex Ultra. That night temperatures dropped to 20 Degrees. The following morning they informed us that they were warm throughout the night, can you believe it?
We are inspired by Jason and Sunny, and wanted to share this story. We hope that you are inspired too! So, put hammock camping on your bucket list, and come visit us at Moss Mountain.

We encourage you to bring your gear, and camp out in any season. Also, if you want more information please don't hesitate to ask! Also if you are interested in finding your own tent, click here, or watch the one minute video.

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Snowshoeing in Glacier National Park


The North Fork has provided us many more adventures this winter season, and we have enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The other day we explored our Moss Mountain Inn property, and trekked through the mountains of snow that we have received. Snowshoeing in Glacier National park and the North Fork area is an unforgettable experience. We hope that we can explore more areas and help others join in the adventure.
Glacier National park has been giving individuals the opportunity to participate in ranger-led snowshoe excursions. This free event takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M., and them meet-up location is at Apgar Village. Snow shoe rentals can be found at the Apgar Village Center, or at the Glacier Outdoor Center.
We can provide more information. Please do not hesitate to ask. You may also contact Glacier National Park at 406-888-7800.
We hope that you get to experience all that Glacier National park and the North Fork have to offer!

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard at home in Glacier Park's Front Yard


This is our wildlife viewing area. We can overlook the pond on our property from this spot. Our first flying guests have arrived at Moss Mountain Inn. The couple are a beautiful duo that have taken up calling our pond home. Nesting and creating quite a stir of talk as we enjoy watching their graceful movements and the serenity they seem to bring. They are the first of many wildlife that come and go in around the Glacier Park Region. If you are an avid wildlife watcher or just enjoy a good cup of coffee with a view, we cannot wait to share our little slice of the outdoors with you!

North Fork Breakfast


Breakfast is Served!
Our busiest season is upon us again. Breakfast is an important part of starting the eventful day spent at Moss Mountain Inn. A never ending amount of outdoor experiences with Glacier National Park opening more and more activities as the weather warms. Whether you enjoy lounging, hiking, fishing, or many other nearby summer activities, we strive to prepare you for your Glacier Region activities starting with a warm breakfast at the beginning of the day.
We are looking forward to our mornings spent meeting new guests at the breakfast table and sharing in the meals that will begin experiences that will last a life time.

Our Latest Guest – Massive Moose


Let it be said that 2015 brought many special visitors to the North Fork!
From honeymooners to 10, 20 and 30 year anniversary celebrations.... we celebrated them all. We are excited about our guests turned new friends!
Recently we have had some wild life visitors of the massive type.... Several moose have wandered through looking for adventure and probably munchies! The picture attached is a pregnant Cow Moose who chose to stare at us for some time rather than run!
We now look forward to 2016 and all that we are accomplishing here on the North Fork at Moss Mountain Inn to make your visit to the Glacier Region stand out. As we shift gears to "winter on the North Fork" there is a lot to look forward to in the next month! Whitefish, 20 minutes' drive from Moss Mountain, features two major events...
Ski Joring January, 29-31 and the Whitefish Winter Carnival, February 5-7.
You can read more about these popular events here:
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Glacier's North Fork Stands Out


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Vivid displays of color spread out over the North Fork Road right now. As you head north toward the Canadian boarder the brilliant fall colors fade off into the jagged Canadian Rockies. When we take this road less travel toward our neighbors at the "Polebridge Mercantile" we are not surprised when we witness the wildlife that claims this territory as their home.
Just the other day a mamma bear and her cub caused me to stop and wait while Mom decided which way to go. Many times this last summer guest told us how pristine our six acre property and the road beyond is. We truly believe that we found this property in order to share it with all who are looking for that "special place" while they visit Glacier National Park. Our home is yours...

Active Wildlife on the Northfork


We certainly have seen evidence of wild life around the north fork. Just the other day we pulled out of the driveway and there in the middle of the road was a Cow Moose... strutting across the road. They are truly magnificent animals, but as magnificent as they are, if irritated. they can become dangerous. Keeping our distance they ignore us as we snap a picture or two! Love this place.

Bear Grass Bloom


I am so excited to share with you that we have seen some of the first blooms of Bear Grass for 2015! We are expecting a full house this weekend so I was working in the yard making sure we are ready and there was the most beautiful, delicate, white bloom, peeking out among the new ferns.
I was reminded, once again,The Inn Spring Bear Grass why this property is such a blessing and why we feel in love with it the first time we drove up the driveway! We should start seeing huckleberries push out soon. That means that we can start making fresh huckleberry syrup and jam!

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We have been working hard to get ready for our Open house Saturday, May 8th. Most importantly, we are nearly ready to welcome guest from all over the world this summer.  
Took a much needed break and went to town for supplies. We were about a mile up the road when I had to stop the car and wait for a cow moose and her two youngsters to cross the road in front of us. What a site to see. I am told that they do stop by our pond for refreshments. Can't Wait!
Made my DAY!

Spring on the Northfork


This last weekend I noticed several purple flowers peeking out! From crocus's to tulips its all on its way! The signs of spring are everywhere and especially in Glacier's front yard... Moss Mountain Inn. 
The biggest indication of spring is the melting snow and The Going to the Sun Road projected opening day.... JUNE 19?! Will it open early this year? Check out the daily status updates here: https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/index.htm
We are in the midst of a renovation to upgrade two of our most popular rooms, the Highline and Grinnell suites. Boy what a mess, but it is coming along (should be finished by May 1st) and we are excited about how amazing it looks and feels! Those of you that have stayed in those rooms will be impressed.
Up and down the North Fork (MT Route 486) you can see that everyone is anticipating the upcoming summer. Bicyclist move past quietly as they make their way up the long stretch of scenic byway that defines the western boarder of Glacier National Park. Vehicles pass with drift boats and fishing equipment. Everyone is perusing the increasing spring sunshine to it's fullest.
Spring has sprung and we are grateful for adventures, flowers on their way and time to enjoy the miracle of Glacier! Thank you for visiting!
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Winter on the North Fork


We are truly in the middle of a winter wonderland here on the North Fork. As I look out the window on a clear day, I can see Glacier's Apgar Mountain Range majestically jutting up, as if it demands attention. If the moon is out, the range's snow capped mountains glow through the night. I still can't seem to take in the full beauty of this place.
Last week, I had a very special guest here from New York. I watched in awe as her youthful energy took her on adventures far and wide, compared to what I can accomplish, from back-country skiing, resort cross country skiing, to experiencing the resort town of Whitefish and its culture and versatility. She reminded me that winter at the Inn does not have to be sedate, rather, if I choose, I can explore and experience all that Glacier has to offer any day of the year!
Summer reservations are coming in almost daily, as if to remind me that spring is around the corner, and with it new life will blossom in all directions. I can't help but get excited about the people that we will meet this summer and who will inevitably become a part of Glacier's history and our circle of friends!
Soon my friends, soon!

Thanksgiving Festivities 2014


We are so thrilled to have hosted a family of 10 at the Inn for the Thanksgiving holiday. What a precious time with an amazing family. They came to us from the east coast and Montana. What a joy it was to serve them and watch as they reunited and quickly became reacquainted. Their time here was special for us and our family. Our daughter, Cassie, and her boyfriend, Justin, stood in for us and received many praises from this family on their cooking and hospitality! We are so blessed!
The Holidays are always special to us because it is a time of renewal and fond memories of times gone by. The beauty of fall has left the North fork and replacing it is the splendor of winter. We are in awe of this particular area because as the snow falls and our surroundings are blanketed in what is sure to be a glorious winter white, we are reminded of many such gatherings with loved ones.
We have gained a whole new perspective on family as we have hosted many groups that have become near and dear to our hearts and will forever be a piece of the fabric that binds us together and becomes of part of the Inn's foundation. We will forever be grateful to each and every one of you!

Fall on the North Fork is Disappearing


Fall is definitely on its way out on the North Fork and there is a hint of winter in the air now. The flowers have dried up and are all gone now. We are looking forward to our winter guests as we button up the hatches and put away all that reminds us of summer. We will have firewood ready for the stove soon. We love to hear the crackling as the fire takes off and roars....
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North Fork River

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New Beginnings... New Owners....


Welcome to the North Fork Journal. A journey into Glacier's Front Yard. Here on the North Fork we have the luxury of literally being in Glacier's Front Yard. Through this blog our goal is to assist visitors and guests to experience Montana and the Crown of the Continent before they arrive and long after they leave. 
We invite you to follow along as we step "out of bounds" in Montana into landscapes so big, open and rugged that they stretch your soul. Experience peaks extending endlessly into the "Big Montana Sky"; turquoise alpine lakes that take your breath away, glacier's that will leave you speechless, wildflowers in the spring, bear-grass like you have never seen, rock formations that leave you wondering, alpine vistas and waterfalls worthy of the time it takes to breath the alpine air and snap a shot, scenic snow-scapes that allow you to experience harmony with this land that brings a sense of pleasure and peace to those who have journeyed through this place and left their footprints in Montana's history.
This experience will stay in your soul for a lifetime...